Lily Meadows SMT

I am the sports massage therapist at EmpoweredFIT. A lifelong passion for sport and exercise, combined with a fascination for anatomy and physiology was the start of my journey into becoming a sports massage therapist. In 2015 I graduated from Liverpool Hope University with BSc(Hons) in Sport Studies. Following my degree I enrolled on to a Sports Massage course and completed up to level 4. I have also recently completed an Osteopathic Spinal Manipulation course. I am also very passionate about sport, I’m currently a goalkeeper for Tranmere Rovers Ladies, and I have become a regular in the team first team. Playing football at this level has helped me to understand the impact that sport has on my body and I use this to understand my clients. I offer two different treatments which are sports massage and kinesiology taping, have a little look below to find out what they are.


Sports Massage Therapy

Sports massage is a form of deep tissue massage used to relieve muscular tension, for the purpose of both treating and preventing injury. Don’t let the name fool you, whether you participate in sports or not, sports massage can benefit almost EVERYONE. I have worked with various clients including; athletes, dancers, gymnasts, bodybuilders, strongmen, rugby players, footballers, cyclists etc. However, I have also worked with people to help rehbilitate them and ease any aches and pains that they have, Reduced risk of injury by reducing specific areas of built up tension, Correction of muscular imbalances which assists in improving posture etc.


Kinesiology Taping

In recent years this brightly coloured tape has become increasingly popular, particularly amongst athletes. It also also used widely by physiotherapist and in some health trusts it is also used to aid post-operative healing, due to its many beneficial qualities. Kinesiology taping is a taping method which is becoming increasingly popular in sports and healthcare. It can be used for a variety of purposes such as: stabilising joints, improving posture, reducing swelling/bruising and accelerating the healing process of many injuries. The taping can be used alone or in conjunction with massage for optimal effects.

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