EmpoweredFit are excited to announce that we will be open from 25th July, and with that, we wanted to let you know the changes we have put in place to ensure your experience is as safe and comfortable as possible.

Safety is paramount to us for our staff and members which is why we have implemented the below measures to ensure you feel confident on your return:

Entry and Exit 

  • To avoid congestion in Reception we have created a new Exit point. This is by the shutters in the functional fitness room and will be signposted 
  • Reception has been kitted out with sneeze screens for additional protection of our staff and members 
  • On Entry there will be a cleaning station with all sanitising products available
  • We have created a one-way system throughout the gym to have clear walkways 
  • There will be clear markers on the floor in the Reception area – if all markers are occupied you will be requested to wait outside on markers available 
  • Contact free entry using your key fob and foot openers 
  • Where possible we are encouraging cashless transactions for food, drinks and merchandise 
  • On Exit we are providing another cleaning station to sanitise your hands 

Extensive Cleaning and Sanitising 

  • We have hired 2 cleaners to support our missions to keep our gym COVID secure
  • Frequently cleaning and disinfecting objects and surfaces during the day and at the end of the day that are touched regularly particularly in areas of high use such as door handles, light switches, reception area using standard cleaning products and methods
  • Members, staff and personal trainers will be expected to clean all equipment immediately after use
  • Redeployment of team members to constantly clean throughout the day
  • Cleaning stations have been set up and all products will be provided

Keeping a Safe Distance and Social distancing 

  • High traffic areas will be regulated including corridors, walkways and the weights area to maintain social distancing
  • Redesigning processes to ensure social distancing in place. This includes the use of social distancing markings and a one-way flow at entry and exit points
  • Fitness space/ gym floor: Pieces of gym equipment have been appropriately distanced, rearranged and marked out for safe use
  • Gym attendance limited to 1 hour initially. This is to support government guidance on attendance 

Changing Room Use / Lockers

  • The changing rooms will remain open; however, we recommend that you come dressed ready to workout, and where possible, travel home to change/shower
  • If you do need to use the changing rooms, please ensure you pass through this area as quickly as possible
  • Lockers have been moved downstairs to avoid congestion in the changing rooms and the corridors. We advise you bring your own lock as these will not be provided
  • Changing rooms will be marked out appropriately to allow for safe changing whilst social distancing


  • When you’ve got to go … you’ve got to go right! We are providing cleaning products in all toilets and guidance on how to clean touch points before and after use. 


  • We are not enforcing wearing of PPE; however, we are fully supportive of any staff or members how wish to wear face coverings or gloves. These are being provided free of charge – please ask at reception 


  • We have revised the group exercise class timetable to ensure social distancing measures can be adhered to and also reduced the class sizing 
  • There will be a booking in system for classes using Calendy available via the EmpoweredFit website 
  • There will be 30mins between classes to reduce the risk of congestion in the changing rooms, groups forming around Astro, and to enable thorough cleaning between classes
  • Class members will be instructed by staff to stand in the marked-out training pods on the Astro to again avoid group gatherings 
  • Members will be instructed to clean down and fully sanitise equipment after use and where possible return this to storage positions. 
  • Class members will be instructed to leave immediately after class and to not stay in the gym
  • Class booking on a first come first served basis and only available to paying members 

Personal Training

  • Personal Training can commence as normal on 25Th July
  • There will be some slight changes in which your Personal Trainers will communicate with you directly 

NHS Test and Trace

  • EmpoweredFit will be supporting the NHS Test and Trace system
  • To enable us to do this we require all Non-Members to complete the Test and Trace Form – this will be required for EVERY Personal Training session 
  • QR code is available on reception with instructions on how to use
  • Records will be stored for 21 days – after this point they will be destroyed
  • This is for non-members only. All members are required to swipe into the premises by reception in which their details will be stored on Clubwise

Food and Drink

  • Refuel is reopening on 20Th July for any food purchase please head over to their social media 
  • Drinks, pre-workout, protein bars etc will still be available from reception; however only staff will be able to retrieve these products from the fridge for you – please ring the bell if no one is on reception

Key Fobs

  • You will be able to pick up key fobs from reception from 20th July during the hours of 9-5 

Gym Opening 

  • We are so pleased to announce the gym will reopen as 24/7
  • If you are wondering how we are doing this we have state of the art security and cameras.
  • We have created additional ventilation which will be in use 24 hours a day 
  • Our cleaners will be in situ cleaning prior to staff manned hours cleaning down all equipment and high touch points 

How Long Can I Stay in the gym? 

  • We ask that members stay a maximum of 1 hour in order to keep the number of members in the gym at any time low. 
  • Visit lengths will be monitored if the gym is busy and if you are staying for longer you may be asked to reduce the length of your stay

Staff Training

  • All staff will be fully trained on our new cleaning and safety measures to ensure these are delivered to the highest standard. 

We hope this answers all of your questions and concerns you may have on returning to the gym. We have worked effortlessly to create a safe environment for all of our staff and members. 

Countdown T-Minus 10 Days 

EmpoweredFit Team