Excellent work from Rob one of Sam Logan’s clients.

He lost 21kg in 5 months.

Well done Rob!

Trained by Sam Logan:

When a client of Sam Logan gets his training right and right level of calories intake tracked magic can happen in 3 weeks.

Trained by Sam Logan:


Transformation from 2013-2018

“Social media bullies triggered me to start losing weight, and i found a passion for the gym and training, so much so i’ve now made it my career.”

This is Emily one of our PTs at EmpoweredFit, when she was confronted with negativity about her appearance she decided it was time to make a change. After training herself into shape she felt compelled to help others achieve their goals both in the gym and via social media with fun infographics. Feel free to follow Emily using the links below!

Hannah Nicholas

I think we can all agree Hannah’s transformations been AMAZING both in body and mind and as you can see she has dropped a good few lbs! Hannah started out being coached by Chris via Empowered by Eating and is now also training with Thea. We are super excited to see what the future brings for Hannah while we continue to develop in both mind and body. 

Trained by Chris and Thea

Lauren Ball


To explain how well Lauren has done would need more than this picture, as her journey with Thea for the last year, and 1-1 coaching the last few months has been so much more than physical changes.From learning to lift with the correct technique and confidence, to attending classes that at first seemed daunting and then teaming up with both Thea and Chris to combine Empowered by Eating with her training. Meaning Lauren has truly develop in mind, body and nutrition. Im sure you can agree Lauren’s transformation so far is awesome and is still working with EmpoweredFIT to continue her journey.

Well done Lauren! 

Trained by Chris and Thea

Sinead Holden

Mum of three, youngest being 2 years old, running her own business and faced a long recovery after pregnancy, its pretty safe to see Sinead’s transformation is pretty awesome. Training with Thea 1-1 or via classes 3-4 times per week while living restriction free and changing behaviour related to food to help achieve long term happiness and goal sustainability.

Well done Sinead!

Trained by Thea

Claire Harries

This was a 4 month transformation getting Claire ready for her big day with both Thea & Georgia! All done with the combination of the correct nutrition and training.

Well done Claire you look amazing!

Trained by Thea and Georgia

Izzy Kirkman


This is a transformation Thea is super proud of and I’m sure you can see why. Izzy first met Thea just over a year ago, taking a very scary step to trust someone to train her in a correct way that will not hinder her continues journey of recovery. Over the last year Izzy’s training, nutrition, mindset and confidence has grew from strength to strength, as you can see.

Well done Izzy, keep being awesome!

Trained by Thea

Charl Garty


Charl was wearing these shorts just 18 months ago! Charl has done really well to train (Thea and Georgia’s classes and training plans) while living a healthy and happy well balanced life, including working crazy hours, looking after her little boy and still finding time for regular training and friends and family.

Charl is a true example of what consistency and patience can achieve.

Keep up the hard work Charl!

Trained by Thea and Georgia


Sue is the perfect example of why we should all move and that its never too late to make the change! When Sue first came to Thea she explained that she had very bad knees, so much so that she didn’t feel comfortable using stairs plus other mobility issues, this plus her weight, which is something she had struggled with for many years.

Fast forward a year on and Sue now comfortably and confidently climbs stairs, squats, deadlifts and can keep up with her grandchildren! As you can see the weight is dropping in a healthy manner and Sue is doing this while leading a normal life including being a lady who lunches.

Keep it up Sue!

Georgia McCarthy

Make sure that you say hello to our Empowerment coaches when you come in. Here’s some a transformation from one of our staff.

Look at that back transformation – our Empowerment Coaches practice what they preach and here is the proof.

How did she do it? Consistent progressive overload training and correct nutritional intake and of course patience.

I wonder what Georgia’s next transformation will look like? Keep up the hard work Georgia!

Andrea Trueman

How awesome is this, Andrea has been working week in week out with Georgia to get ready for her next holiday and rehabilitate her bad back. Im sure we can all agree Georgia and Andrea have done fantastic.

Well done Andrea, keep up the hard work!

Sam Rae


What an awesome transformation 1st picture – 2nd picture is 2 weeks apart, 1st – 3rd picture 4 weeks apart. Done via simply resistance training and actually eating MORE calories. Who knows what the next transformation will look like!

Well done Sam this is amazing!

Jen Bibby

Jen has been training with Thea for over 2 years and has continued to do so, despite moving away. So we have more transformation pictures pending!

When Jen first started training she was more into cardio than weight training. Fast forward to now Jen weight trains and does cardio when assigned, tracks her calories/macros and checks in with Thea multiple times a week, plus lots of extra outside of the gym actives.

Jen has achieved all of this while completing uni, working and being a mother. Safe to say Jen is one to watch for future transformations as her and Thea work towards her next goals.

Keep up the hard work Jen!

Nancy Fletcher


Nancy has done awesome, after years and years of trying multiple diets and training relentlessly – spending hours doing cardio, feeling low at lack of results and binging out at weekends she came across Chris and Empowered by Eating. Through being coached by Chris she has found her WHY, changed her mindset, training and nutrition and gone from strength to strength with reaching her goals.

Keep up the amazing progression Nancy!

Marcus Holden

Well done Marcus!

Marcus is Thea’s brother and they have worked closely together on Marcus’s nutrition and training to ensure he’s stage ready to wrestle, healthier and most importantly more confident on a day to day basis.

Keep up the hard work Marcus.

Thea Holden

Thea’s journey has been one that a picture can’t truly tell. From suffering with Ehlers Danlos and having to spend time using crutches/wheelchairs as aids, Thea decided to use training and nutrition to win the battle of her condition. Thea is now on no medication and stronger than ever.

This is why Thea has done EmpoweredFIT because exercise, nutrition and mindset truly changed her life for the better and now she wants to help empower you.

Chris Ellerby-Hemmings

After years of trying every diet under the sun and every different way of training to achieve his goals, Chris finally found a way to eat, train and live restriction free to achieve those goals – which include natural bodybuilding.

Chris then took all his bad experiences from the industry and his new knowledge and experience to show the general public how to achieve their goals while leading a normal life. Which is why Empowered by Eating and EmpoweredFIT have came about.