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Endless cardio on a treadmill… sounds boring, right?
We know from all the latest scientific research, as well as working with 1000s of clients, that losing weight with endless cardio is usually a temporary thing and hard to stick to. The stats show us that sticking to healthy eating or exercise is the hardest part of any diet.
If we bring all of that science based stuff together with your own personal goal, whether you want to look more slender or toned, an be able to achieve your goal in the long term then cardio on a treadmill certainly isn’t going to be optimal. One thing we have learnt from all of the sciency stuff, we know that when you take part in long and boring cardio, on a treadmill for instance, the body will react in a certain way to burn calories which may also result in a reduction of muscle mass. This isn’t good no matter what your goal is.
All of our classes in our timetable are designed to make it interesting to help you stick to your fitness regime in the long term and bring exercises and class styles that will help the body keep muscle while burning calories.

Class description


Boxfit is a fun cardiovascular workout ran in a rotation by three qualified Personal Trainers. It’s based on the training carried out by boxers, and involves participants pairing up on gloves and pads to complete sequences to get the mind and the body working. The class focuses on both fitness & technique and doesn’t require any knowledge or experience of boxing.


A mash-up of circuits programmed to push you to your limits! Metabolic Mash will be 1-2 (or more) workouts that are intense, hitting full body, particularly cardiovascular fitness and endurance with some barbell/free weight exercises through in. E.G. AMRAPS, EMOMS/ 15-25 minute workouts with a short break followed by another tasty workout.


Programmed and ran by EmpoweredFit Personal Trainers, Circuits offers a station layout of varying exercises designed to hit the entire body. Participants are in charge of their own intensity, as each station is set up to offer a scale of difficulty to suit each person, and exercises are completed for time. Participants in this class will experience a full body smash at their own pace. Exercises will vary station to station from barbell/free weights, bodyweight  and cardiovascular equipment exercises

Barbell Bootcamp

Programmed and delivered by a Qualified Personal Trainer, this class focuses mainly on compound barbell exercises designed to hit multiple muscle groups, while focusing on a combination of hypertrophy, strength and technique. Programmed to varied intensities, this class is suited to all abilities, but participants should be comfortable working with a barbell.


Programmed and delivered by a Qualified Personal Trainer and Strength and Conditioning coach, Strength and conditioning is a class based around all facets of fitness. Work cardiovascular endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy, maximizing your performance and fitness for any physical challenge or activity! This class is very unique and suitable for all.


Delivered in rotation by two Personal Trainers, who’s coaching qualifications also span functional fitness to Olympic Lifting; Functional Fit allows participants to learn a new skill under professional supervision and finish with a Workout of the Day (WOD). Skills can range from anything, such as rope climbing to pull ups, and variations of difficulty means the class is open to all abilities. This class is perfect for anyone wanting a killer, blood pumping workout whilst also learning new skills and techniques.


Programmed and ran by a British Weightlifting qualified coach, this class is specifically for Olympic lifts only. Here you will learn, perfect and progress with Snatch, Clean and Jerk. This class is suitable and catered to all, but we advise you are comfortable with a barbell and basic lifts such as squat, deadlift and shoulder press lifts first.