Joining Up
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Membership Queries
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General Information
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Joining Up
(16 Q&A's)

(6 Q&A's)

Membership Queries
(11 Q&A's)

General Information
(13 Q&A's)

Joining Up

How can I join up? 
You can join by heading over to the website and clicking join now.

Do you offer Blue Light Discount?
We do offer Blue Light Discount. Please ensure you advise us of this when signing up. Evidence will be required to be presented at Reception to honour this discount. 

Do you offer family discount? 
We currently do not offer family or same household discounts.

Do I have to sign a contract? 
EmpoweredFIT is a no contract membership. You can freeze or cancel any time.

Is there a joining fee?
There is a one off £10 joining fee for new members. Restarting your membership – we will waive your fee! Please head to reception to resign up or message us or email us for a details on how to do it online.

Do you offer Student Discount?
We do offer Student Discount. Please ensure you advise us of this when signing up. Evidence will be required to be presented at Reception to honour this discount. 

How old do I have to be to join up? 
14 years of age is the age limit at EmpoweredFIT; however, you must be supervised by an adult or Personal Trainer at all times. 16 years of age and above can train unsupervised. 

We do recommend anyone under the age of 18 or new to the gym books an induction or personal training sessions to become competent with lifting weights and operating gym machinery. Please go to to book an induction.

Can I book an induction? 
Yes you can here:

Can I pay for my membership by cash? 
Yes – Cash memberships are £47.50 per month. We do however prefer Direct Debit payments where possible which is only £40 per month.

Is there disabled access? 
There is disabled access in and out of the gym. There are also disabled toilets accessible for wheelchair users. 

Should you feel you need further assistance either speak to a member of staff on reception or email us before your visit at

How do I access the gym once I sign up?
You will be given your own 24 hours access fob to access the gym any time of the day. You must swipe in individually even if the door by reception is open or someone walks in just before you. This is for health and safety reasons, so we know who is in the building. 

What are the opening hours?
24/7 – 365 (Yep we are even open Christmas Day!)

What are the manned hours?
Manned means we have staff on reception to help with anything you need, outside of these hours Oculus security are watching the camera to ensure your safety.

7am -9pm Monday to Friday 

9am-5pm Saturday and Sunday

Do you have a vending machine / serve food? 
We have a vending machine offering a wide variety of drinks and protein bars 

Behind reception we also offer drinks / protein bars and pre workout

We also have a selection of gym apparel behind reception. 

There is a café on site offering a selection of different food and drinks. Anyone can attend the café and you do not need to be a member to pop in. 

How do I book a PT and how much does this cost?
All of our PTs are self-employed and charge individually priced sessions / block bookings

You can find our PTs on our website here:

Please feel free to reach out to PTs directly. Should you be unsure who would be the best PT for you please come and have a chat to us on reception and we will happily direct you. 

COVID Regulations
Please see our COVID Regulations below:

Membership Queries

How much is a monthly / 6 monthly / annual membership
Monthly memberships are £40 per month

There is a one-off joining fee for new members of £10

6 month and annual memberships are only offered during special offer periods. 

Can I pay for a 1 Day Pass?
Day passes are available on reception for £10

How can I change my member details? 
If you want to change your phone number or other details head to reception during manned hours.

How can I freeze my membership? 
Please email us on

What do I do if I have an issue with my membership or payment? 
Please email us on

How can I cancel my membership? 
We have no contract at EmpoweredFIT so you can cancel any time. Please be aware that if we are operating a one in one out policy and/or a waiting list that you might have a prolonged wait if you want to rejoin. The only way to cancel a membership at EmpoweredFIT is to cancel the direct debit at your bank (look for 'clubwise'). This will instantly stop your card from opening the door so its best to do it 5-7 days before your payment is due. It's also important to do it at least 5 days before your payment is due to stop the bank calling for the payment.

Can I restart my old membership? 
Yes you can restart you membership at anytime, you are always welcome back. Please head to reception or message or email us with details on how to restart your membership online.

How do I freeze my membership?
You can freeze your membership up to 12 months.

Please note if your monthly DD has already been called for, we are unable to prevent this payment from being taken. Please allow at least 2 weeks prior to your payment due date to freeze your membership.

You can unfreeze at any time by emailing us

Can my friend come and look around the gym with me?
Your friend will need to book an appointment if they want to come and have a tour inside the gym. They can do this on the following link:

We also have virtual tours of the gym that can be viewed on our website and social media platforms

Can I buy a membership gift voucher?
Gift Vouchers can be purchased, but advanced notice will need to be given of this purchase. 

Please speak to a member of staff, or message us on social media or email us,  we can arrange this for you with the management team. 

I’ve changed my bank – how do I update my Direct Debit Details?
Please visit reception to change this

Can I change my payment due date? 
We cannot change Payment Dates once these have been set up so please be careful when you select the start date of your membership and ensure funds are available each month. 

My Direct Debit has been rejected? 
If your DD has been rejected this is a query for your bank. What we can advise is we will always attempt a to take the payment again around 3-7 days after initial rejection.  Access to the gym may be restricted until payment is received. 

I have another query – who do I need to contact?
For any other queries not answered in our FAQ section you can contact us via emailing:


Are classes included in my membership? 
Yes - all classed are included in your memberships and attendance is unlimited.

What types of classes do you offer? 
We offer a wide variety of classes from Strength and Conditioning, Olympic Weightlifting, Circuits, Functional Fitness, Yoga and more. 

Please see timetable here:

How do you book onto a class?
Follow the below link to book onto a class:

Please note class bookings are released 1 week in advance to allow fairness in booking.

How many people can attend a class? 
The booking system will only allow set number of people onto the classes.

I am new to exercise / classes – will these be too much for me? 
Our Fitness Instructions are extremely knowledgeable and will look after all members based on their own abilities. All workouts can be adjusted to suit the person performing them.

Do I need to bring anything? 
Everything will be provided by the gym in terms of equipment needed for classes. 

General Information

Where are you located? 
EmpoweredFit Gym
Unit 2, Arrowe Commercial Park
Arrowe Brook Lane
Wirral CH49 1AB
United Kingdom

What facilities / equipment do you have?
See social media posts and website for virtual gym tour to see our facilities and equipment

Do you have a car park?
Yes, we have a car park with plenty of on-site parking at the front, side and back of the gym. 

Do you have changing rooms? 
Yes, we have male and female changing rooms on Level 1 of the gym. 

We also have numerous unisex toilets situated around the gym on the Ground floor. 

Do you have a lift? 

How do I book a sunshower?
You cannot book a sunshower. To use the sunshower please speak to a member of staff on duty.

What merchandise do you sell?
All merchandise for sale can be viewed and ordered from our website:

We also have all these items for sale in the gym in which you can pop in and view.

What are the gym rules? 
Gym Rules are short and simple: 

  • Swipe in for every visit
  • Leave your ego at the door 
  • Show respect to all of our staff
  • Restack your weights after use 
  • Clean your equipment after use 
  • Do not “reserve” machines by putting a top / water bottle on them
  • If you see something unsafe (like a water spillage) please report to a member of staff
  • Take all your items home with you – otherwise these will end up in lost property
  • Do not think you are stronger than what you are … only lift weights given your capabilities 
  • If you are unsure how to use a machine or if your form is correct, please speak to a member of staff 
  • Turn up for classes on time 
  • No stealing 
  • No stupid stuff (do not barbell squat on a Bosu ball!)

Is there CCTV?
Yes. We have 24/7 CCTV provided by Oculus Security. 

Do you have lockers?
Yes, we have lockers, but we do not provide locks. You are able to bring in your own locks. 

Do you have hair dryers / straighteners?
Yes. These are provided in both the male and female changing rooms

Reporting concerns 
For any immediate concerns please report these to the member of staff on duty. 

For any concerns you would prefer to raise privately you can email us on our website link below:

Job enquires – working with or for EmpoweredFIT  
All job vacancies will be posted and advertised on social media with links / advice on how to apply.